A sector-based, inter-active careers guidance experience designed to inspire and inform young people.


Careers Guidance has been a local priority for a number of years in Blackpool, as schools and colleges seek to ensure students make sound progression choices and partners support the development of a robust programme, designed to meet the needs of learners and providers.

This collaborative event developed and managed by the Blackpool Guidance Community Network, began in 2010 and has had a very positive response from both pupils and partners involved. It meets school responsibilities in terms of independent guidance, raising aspirations and links with potential employers and education providers, as required by the April 2014 Statutory Guidance.

It also strengthens the concept of continuing education/training and raises the profile of Careers Guidance, encouraging students to see the importance of making informed decisions.


It runs over 2 days in January and is on offer to all students in the local area involved in the options process, as well as small groups of primary aged children, those in pupil referral units and in special schools, around 1600 students benefit from the experience.

It also aims to inspire and support schools and colleges to further develop their own guidance programmes, making links with exhibitors at the event and beyond. A good example of this is the Primary Futures programme and college Open Days offering a range of “Have a Go” activities.


To see how the event looks in action and hear feedback, follow the instructions below:

Click on the play button (triangle)  on the middle of the video below.