An inspiring, inter-active careers guidance experience


Blackpool recognises the important role every individual, who has contact with our young people, can play in inspiring them to move forward successfully with their lives. The Blackpool Guidance Community encompasses all those in a position to support and guide them on a daily basis. The Blackpool Guidance Community Network is passionate about providing aspirational opportunities to inspire all our young people to recognise and believe in their skills and personal qualities and to help them make positive decisions about their futures. To meet these aims, the Network, with support from local, regional and national partners has developed the annual “Our Future, Our Choice” event as a springboard for the options process and an opportunity for schools and colleges to consider how best to further develop their own guidance programmes.
Core Aims of "Our Future, Our Choice"

• To ensure the young people understand the link between success in school and future careers and the importance of developing key employability skills valued by employers and educational institutions alike

• To provide impartial advice on a range of progression pathways and how to access them and encourage students to consider a number of career options

• To offer guidance on potential employment sectors and their related careers; promoting the importance of personal skills and attributes, alongside formal qualifications, in an increasingly competitive job market

• To encourage the young people to take responsibility for their futures and begin to map where they want to go and how they intend to get there

  • Inspiration
  • Advice
  • Guidance
  • Support


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